Alix Stria is an interdisciplinary designer – focused on book making and digital & printed matter – based in Amsterdam. Aside frequent collaborations with Anna Bierler as babypls, Alix shares Studio SMS, a collective design practice, with Katharina Shafiei-Nasab.


The Great Interior

The graduation show of Studio For Immediate Spaces, The Great Interior, went in search of “a new type of interior that includes rather than excludes; an interior which contains the whole landscape and our lives within.” In the same way, the translucent exhibition guide opens the division between inside and outside. Typographically, it makes use of skeleton letterforms that have no determined volume but can expand at will.

visual identity designed in collaboration with Jan Egbers

artists ~~~ Mayomi Basnayaka, Elena Braida, Jonathan Steiger, Ilya Lindhout, Oscar van Leest, Paulina Martínez Marín, Koenraad Wiering, Juri Velt

typefaces ~~~ Foverdis (Jeremy Dooley), Hershey Futura Simplex (Dr. Allen V. Hershey)

printing ~~~ Raddraaier SSP

Public Sewer #4

Keep your mind in the gutter (TM) 🌀

typefaces ~~~ Ourosboros (Ariel Martín Pérez & Hélène Alix Mourrier) & Arial Black (Patricia Saunders & Robin Nicholas)

Becoming a Body of Text

A book, among other things. They are results, or maybe stepping stones, of an experimental writing practice that revolves around the intuitive, the unknown and the non-permanent. Blurring the lines between writing and reading, thought and material, body and identity, they attempt to expand the meaning of text. Maybe, in this sense, writing can become a tender tool for knowledge production and internal reflection rather than a means for documentation.

All the words that are written here, have been used before. Two reverse soft covers holding poetry, short texts, a script and the essay The Rest Is Still Unwritten; On Becoming A Body Of Text, which uses skin as a metaphor for questioning the relationship between the meaning and expression, body and text. It reveals the author’s obsession with text and typographic details, while investigating the space between the words and their complicity to the creation of meaning in language.

exhibited at »By Design« (Kunstkapel Amsterdam)

typefaces ~~~ Ambiant Sans (Laura Csocsan), Dark Academia (Celine Hurka), Louise (Ange Degheest & Luna Delabre & Camille Depalle), Ovo (Nicole Fally)

edited by ~~~ Juri Velt, Mino Buonincontri, Mariana Fernandez M

printing ~~~ Raddraaier SSP

[…] unmoored and adrift and alive

A poster, cut and folded into a publication, holding various writings that were born by the writing group I want the thing that you had when you wrote that keeps writing itself — unmoored and adrift and alive. In a series of gatherings, supported by If I Can’t Dance, the group aims to provide an experimental space for collective explorations into writing as a performative practice distinguished by unstable boundaries between bodies: bodies of texts and bodies of writers and readers. Group members engaged with notions of the score, asemic writing, artificial intelligence, and intertextual weaving as lenses for world-building strategies.

exhibited at »Scoring Liveness« (If I Can’t Dance Amsterdam)

typeface ~~~ Adobe Caslon (Carol Twombly)

facilitated by ~~~ Michał Dawid & Naomi Collier Broms

participants ~~~ Rebekka Bank, Sancha Castro, Devika Chotoe, Naomi Collier Broms, Michał Dawid, Valeria Ferrari, Anastasija Kiake, Jean Medina, Anna Orlikowska, Julia van der Putten, Alix Stria, Mehmet Süzgün

Graduation Show 2022 @ Melkweg Expo


visual identity designed in collaboration with Anna Bierler for Melkweg Expo

artists ~~~ Anton Shebetko, Ashley Bruinhart, Danii Walton, Martyna Pekala, Jonathan Hielkema, Laëtitia Delauney, Marian Genet, (roze) meike,

typefaces ~~~ Glyphworld Air (Leah Maldonado), Baskervvol (bye bye binary)


An invitation in the size of a vinyl cover, refined with relief varnish, for the unguarded label night at Rote Fabrik Zürich.

flyer designed in collaboration with Katharina Shafiei-Nasab (Studio SMS) for unguarded

typeface ~~~ Tempos Mono (Samara Keller)

I feel my words slipping away

The soles of our feet are an intimate spot – grounding us while holding us. They are rarely public, covered by socks and tights and shoes. Here, fragile words are stored, born out of doubt, insecurity, vulnerability, frustration and anger, hidden away from peeking eyes, allowing to only be seen by those closest to us. Printed with anti-slip ink, the words carry the one who wears them without slipping away.

exhibited at »By Design« (Kunstkapel Amsterdam)

typeface ~~~ Averia (Dan Sayers)

photographs ~~~ Sander van Wettum

Floating in the Abyss // PUB Journal #4

A publication about strange and uncertain times, hugged by a semi-transparent dust jacket that holds the clouds of debris together in the form of a book.

publication designed in collaboration with Anna Bierler

editors ~~~ Micaela Terk, Hannah Rose Whittle, Olya Korsun, Eleni Papadimitriou

contributors ~~~ Amy Pickles, Anastasija Kiake, Anna Bierler, Elizaveta Federmesser, Elki Boerdam, Ella Mathys, Hatty Nestor, Ibrahim Nehme, Jesús Meseguer, Julie Boschat Thorez, Micaela Terk, Mino Buonincontri, Natasha Linde Krebs, Puck Kroon, Sabrina Schlosser, Zane Zeivate

typefaces ~~~ Cormorant (Christian Thalmann), Dazzed (Martin Vácha), Regina Cursiv (HiH Retrofonts), Elle Trebe (Bea Schlingelhoff)

printing ~~~ Raddraaier SSP

Life After Sandberg 2022

Do you believe in Life After Sandberg?

Sandberg—connecting people since 1995.

🤝 Hold my hand, I am looking for connection.

poster designed in collaboration with Anna Bierler

typefaces ~~~ Regina Cursiv (HiH Retrofonts), Arial Rounded (Robin Nicholas)


NACHGLÜHEN collects stories, images and documents about houses of grandmothers. The publication itself is printed on thin semi-transparent paper, fragile in its handling, in order visualize the tactility of the content.

publication designed in collaboration with Katharina Shafiei-Nasab (Studio SMS)

edited by ~~~ Ella Eßlinger, Clara Richard

typeface ~~~ Rosart (Katharina Köhler)

printing ~~~ WeMakeIt Berlin

Bars are Closed, but PUB is open!

A poster that shouts; BARS ARE CLOSED, BUT PUB IS OPEN, have a drink with us and make your publishing dreams come true. PUB is looking for new members. Designed in collaboration with TextEdit.

exhibited at »100 Best Posters 21« (various locations)

typeface ~~~ Courier New (Howard Kettler)

Issue #6

Following a 12pt grid the layout unfolds on the page in multiplicities, allowing for an individual treatment of text and its content. The Issue is an annual printed publication, self-published by the @sandbergdesigndepartment that contains essays written by 2nd year students.

publication designed in collaboration with Insa Deist & Jan Egbers

typefaces ~~~ Panama Mono (Temporary State), Victor Mono (Rune Bjørnerås), Garamon(d/t) (Paul Tubert)

essays by ~~~ Stelios Ilchuk, Anna Bierler

printing ~~~ Raddraaier SSP

The color BLUE in casual conversation with the OCEAN and the SKY

The script The color BLUE in casual conversation with the OCEAN and the SKY is set in a talkshow, where the three guests speak about poetry, metaphors and the meaning of life. Being metaphors themselves, they question their origins, their names and their existence. The script is filled with pop culture references and uncommon connections, where in the end, one is left asking themselves »If I don’t have a name, do I even exist?«

exhibited at »Practice Pending« (NDSM Fuse Amsterdam)

published in ~~~ Spread Mag

typefaces ~~~ Adobe Garamond (Robert Slimbach), Garamon(d/t) (Paul Tubert)

You are coming here and you have all of these feelings

A poster that is contemplating where it is going, why it is here and what all those feelings are… welcome to Sandberg 2020.

typeface ~~~ Sneak Mono (Fabian Fohrer), Autopia (Antoine Gelgon)