Demystifying myths about algorithms through spatial interaction

Myths are ideas that are believed to be true until proven false. Myths impose particular facts and thereby question our individual beliefs in the absolute truth. Myths create alternate realities, where certainty can never be ensured. Do we trust our own knowledge? Nothing is certain. Not even this.
Algorithms can be described as the DNA of all digital technology. They rule our everyday lives without us consciously thinking about their ultimate existence. Algorithms seemingly pose as neutral disembodied entities without any virtual limits. No algorithm is ever good or evil in itself; it is how they are used that matters. Forming an opinion on algorithms means forming an understanding on the relationship between humans and machines.
The posters, once produced, do not change their visual appearance. They present information as static and singular but subjective to the eye of the beholder. The posters, as fixed objects, interact with the viewer by being looked at. The act of looking only reveals what is already there; it does not show subtext or context.
Augmented reality generates interaction between fixed objects, the viewer, and the content. Augmented reality presents an alternate artificial reality through spatial interaction.
ALL WATCHED OVER BY ALGORITHMS OF LOVING GRACE questions our perception of algorithms and motivates us to form our own critical mindset regarding technology and agency. It serves to start a conversation about the ethics of Ā»the machineĀ«. It aims to raise awareness regarding the misuse of algorithms and addresses the algorithmic in an approachable way.
The posters can be scanned using the Artivive App. Layers of augmented reality dismantle the presented myth by giving access to statements and examples on the use of the algorithm in question. Only when we interact with the posters can we demystify the myths about the algorithm under scrutiny.